Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Black Bear Statues

We invite you to view our home decor section of  Black Bear Statues and Figurines at Tapestry Barn. This selection of statuary is a product line we have been selling for six years with a great response from our customers.
Each piece is limited to 5000 pieces produced. The detail and life like features are fabulous.  The bear statues have been one of our best sellers. There is a complete product line of  Roosters, Wolves, Dragons, Horses and much more.
The artist and designers  name each piece with a relative title or with some nostalgic name. We have one Bear leaning against a post and the sign reads " Not Welcome" and other side " Go Away". The bears name is Beary Grouchy. Just adorable garden, home or front porch decor.
 The statues are crafted from poly resin and can be used indoors or out. We are offering free shipping on orders of $49.95  and above. So visit today. During your visit please do not forget to view our Tapestry Wall Hangings and Throws.

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