Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Black Bear Statues

We invite you to view our home decor section of  Black Bear Statues and Figurines at Tapestry Barn. This selection of statuary is a product line we have been selling for six years with a great response from our customers.
Each piece is limited to 5000 pieces produced. The detail and life like features are fabulous.  The bear statues have been one of our best sellers. There is a complete product line of  Roosters, Wolves, Dragons, Horses and much more.
The artist and designers  name each piece with a relative title or with some nostalgic name. We have one Bear leaning against a post and the sign reads " Not Welcome" and other side " Go Away". The bears name is Beary Grouchy. Just adorable garden, home or front porch decor.
 The statues are crafted from poly resin and can be used indoors or out. We are offering free shipping on orders of $49.95  and above. So visit today. During your visit please do not forget to view our Tapestry Wall Hangings and Throws.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tapestries for large spaces. Grande Wall Hangings

As homes have gotten larger in the past twenty or so years, high vaulted ceilings and long cascading stairways with landings and long hallways that connect to them, the need to decorate these spaces has grown.The question becomes, how do you decorate them and keep the theme of your existing decor?  Wall Hangings have become one of the most viable options.

In addition to decorating, homeowners have another issue with these large spaces which  is noise. Large rooms with high ceilings, hardwood floors, and or tile are very loud. The everyday living noise bounces from one wall to the next.

Grande Wall Hangings have been around through the ages. Kings used them to decorate and warm their castles. Affluent members of society used them to decorate and show off their wealth.

Today they are being used more because of the elegance and beauty they provide at a very  practical price point. Below I will point out a few of the attributes of these tapestries. I will also provide a link below this article for you to view our product offerings.

Grande Wall Tapestries come in various sizes and colors. These tapestries can be a theme, abstract or pictorial or your favorite landscape.
Grande Wall Hangings are excellent for large spaces. They accomplish several objectives.

1. Add elegance and beauty to your decor.
2. You can choose any theme or color that matches your decor.
3. You can personalize them by adding a decorative tapestry rod.
4. While they are large, the projection distance from the wall is minimal.
5. Wall hangings also help to warm the room by acting as as insulator. This insulating quality also reduces noise within the home.
6. Makes the room more inspiring to the homeowner.

View: Grande Tapestry Wall Hangings

Luxemburg Collection

Germanic European influences in this luxurious collection. Classy and elegance abounds in gold, cinnamon and brown.

View: Luxemburg Throw

View: 20" X 20" Pillow

Tapestry Rods

Accent the beauty of your tapestry wall hanging by adding your own personal touch with a decorative tapestry rod. These rods come with  supporting brackets and hardware. They are uniquely designed for tapestries and offer a easy installation and adjustable sizing.

View: Decorative Tapestry Rods
Our beautiful Thomas Kinkade tapestry wall hangings and throws are an excellent  addition to any  home or office decor. These jacquard woven tapestries are crafted here in the USA in the North Carolina mountains. Each wall hanging comes with a standard wood rod with finials. Decorative rods with finials are available.

View Thomas Kinkade Tapestries